The Ramblings of a Happy Penman

Sharing my personal studies, inner thoughts, life experiences, and encouragements because I simply cannot make myself stop writing.


The Bible Is My Primary Focus for Studies

I have a unique way to write when I study, so I’ll share my studies on a wide range of interests.

Creative Writing

National Novel Writing Month

Creative writing has been a primary source of inspiration, and I continue to hone my skills.

Volunteer Work

Jesus Cares Ministry

Ministry Project Manager, I mainly serve in the online arena as needed.

About Me

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management with an Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems. I have worked locally in safety video production, well log data capture services, facility management call center, as well as multiple positions within my local church: Grace Place Church.

I met my wife at Grace Place Church 22 years ago, and we still attend services faithfully, serving in ways that our talents allow. In addition, we meet a local discipleship fellowship for personal growth.

Writing Difficulty

Since 1993 I have felt a constant compulsion to write but the inspiration would come and go. But then I discovered a program that taught me how to write on demand, how to call up the inspiration and motivation to write whenever I wanted.

Since that time I have taken to writing every single day because I love it. This year I won the annual NaNoWriMo challenge and look forward to expanding my creative writing powers with increased creativity.

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