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Thankful Thursday 11/21/2019

It is in the darkest night that I rely on the light of God’s goodness to encourage me and renew my hope.

Psalm 106:7 holds a little nugget that can often be the very reason we have difficulty in giving thanks when we should. His steadfast love endures forever, and I’m certain every Christian would agree with this wholeheartedly. But the challenge with giving thanks is that in the dark of the night, when the fire of our passion is all but extinguished, there is one doubt that often nags at us, but only on the outer edges, something that prevents us from lifting our hands in praise and opening our mouths to honor the God who always loves us. And this tiny doubt is not about God’s love, it’s about God’s goodness. Every time I get into a very difficult and challenging situation, the very first thing that comes into question is God’s goodness. Is it really possible that God could be so good to me – to ME of all people? The simple answer is yes, God is good, and he always wants to be good to you. It is in the darkest night that I rely on the light of God’s goodness to encourage me and renew my hope.

Has God Been Good To You?

If God has been especially good to you in your darkest night, I would like to hear your testimony and praise report. Your experience can be a great encouragement to others to hang on and trust God when they need his goodness the most!


Author: Happy Penman: Jonathan Thomas

I am a married paraplegic that has sought for years for a way to study the Bible, the whole Bible, as though it were a single item. So I am taking a very unconventional approach to learning it, and invite you to join me as I share my journey through the Bible, through my holidays, and through my life. God bless you.

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