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Studying the Bible 101

Quickly and easily memorize the basic statistics of the entire Bible.

The Bible is a very unique book, written by very unique characters. This requires an unconventional approach to studying the entire book as a single publication. Most Bible studies focus on topical studies, word studies, or studies of the separate books. However, I want to learn the entire book, so I am going to take an unusual approach. I am studying from the top down. For example, the very first fact I need to know about the Bible is that it has 35 traditional authors. I did not know that until I began this unorthodox method of learning the book from front to back. This particular study provides only basic high level information of the the Bible as a whole before we begin to include detailed information regarding each book later.

If you download and study the attachment, here is what you will learn:

  • Memorize two basic divisions of the Bible
  • Memorize five basic divisions of the Old Testament
  • Memorize five basic divisions of the New Testament
  • Memorize all 66 books of the Bible by name, with correct spelling, in the correct division
  • Memorize when each book was written and by whom
  • Memorize the number of chapters and verses in each book

For example:
Old Testament
Genesis: written approximately 1440-1400 by Moses and has 50 chapters, and 1533 verses.

The information is arranged in a visual format that should make memory study efficient, reducing the amount of time needed to access and memorize the data.

To download the PDF file, click the link below.